JPS clamps down on electricity theft

Annmarie Myrie Chambers, JPS Parish Manager for Kingston and St. Andrew and Oswald Smiley, JPS Parish Manager for St. Catherine
The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) continued its clampdown on electricity theft with major operations in eight parishes on Thursday.
They were conducted in Kingston and St. Andrew, St. Catherine, St. Mary, St. Ann, St. James, Westmoreland and Hanover.
Annmarie Myrie Chambers, JPS Parish Manager for Kingston and St. Andrew, said a small supermarket and restaurant were among the properties targeted in the Corporate Area.
Four persons were found abstacting electricity illegally although they posessed a meter. Another five persons with illegal connections and no meter were asked to visit the JPS office so they could sign up for a legal connection. 
Earlier this month, JPS announced that it would be allocating US$30 million towards the eradication of electricty theft.
Mrs Myrie Chambers said the company has arrested 46 persons for electricity theft since the start of the year following an islandwide audit of more than 32,000 meters. 
In addition, the JPS has recovered more than five gigawatts of energy and has cut down on internal corruption after firing approximately 40 employees.
Warned for prosecution 
In the meantime, the JPS has warned a woman for prosecution following operations in St. Catherine on Thursday.
Oswald Smiley, JPS Parish Manager for St. Catherine, said an illegal connection supplying a fridge, television, fans and several light bulbs connected to the JPS grid, was found in the house she occupied. 
He said the property owner had already been cautioned on several occasions by the utility company for stealing electricity.

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