JPS launches 'Reliability 3.0' programme to reduce outages

Emanuel DaRosa
In response to complaints of frequent power outages by some of its customers, the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) is moving to reduce outages by 30 per cent this year.
This will be done through its Reliability 3.0 programme which was launched Thursday morning.
The average planned and unplanned outages will move from 29 hours this year to 20 hours.
Speaking at a media briefing Thursday morning, Emanuel DaRosa, President and Chief Executive Officer of the JPS, said smart meters will help in reducing outages islandwide. 
In the meantime, the JPS said the programme will be supported by a budget of $15.8 billion.
Asked whether customers will contribute to the bill, Mr. DaRosa said while there will be a small impact rate, the company will be offsetting costs "so it's not a strain on our customers."

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