JTA accountant, Marlon Francis, yet to report to the police

Four days after he was named a person of interest in connection with the massive fraud at the Jamaica Teachers' Association (JTA) 37-year-old Marlon Francis is yet to report to the police. A senior police source told RJR News Thursday night that Fraud Squad detectives are yet to hear from Mr. Francis who is employed to the JTA as an accountant. On Tuesday the police issued an advisory urging him to immediately report to the Fraud Squad in the company of an attorney.
Detectives have so far confirmed that the fraud at the JTA amounts to J$10 million. It is understood that the scheme involved the preparation of fictitious invoices for work supposedly carried out by companies. However, no services were provided.
Signatures of senior officials of the JTA were forged and Managers Cheques prepared and lodged into various accounts.

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