JTA boss defends teachers' performance

Jamaica Teachers' Association, JTA, president Clayton Hall, is again downplaying suggestions that his members have been under-performing in the wake of a stinging report from the National Education Inspectorate, NEI.

The report which was tabled in Parliament earlier in the week shows that student performance in national assessments was below the national minimum standards in most primary and secondary schools. 

While Mr. Hall has acknowledged that weak teachers affect the system, he is focusing on the other factors which contribute to the results.   “
“It is not just teachers…you have to look at what abilities these schools can accommodate. Most of the time we have classes that are not able to accommodate new and improved techniques of learning. You have classrooms that based on the size you can’t introduce co-operative learning…”

The JTA boss, who was speaking on ‘Beyond the Headlines’ on Thursday, added that based on the resources they are given to work with, teachers on a whole are performing well.
“If you consider input to education and you consider what the outcomes are, you would also come to the recognition that there is significant work that goes into the teaching/learning process.

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