JTA Co-op refuses to meet with NWU & UCASE

A showdown is looming between the National Workers' Union (NWU) and the Jamaica Teachers' Association Co-op Credit Union (JTA Co-op).

A meeting between the parties on Tuesday to discuss outstanding wage issues collapsed when members of the credit union's management walked out of the meeting.

The management is reportedly refusing to meet with the NWU and Union of Clerical, Administrative and Secretarial Employees (UCASE), which have joint bargaining rights for employees of the credit union.

Danny Roberts, Deputy Island Supervisor of the NWU, told RJR News that the workers are upset with the move by the management, adding that this could lead to industrial action.

Mr. Roberts opined that the unions’ recent decision to take the credit union before the Industrial Dispute Tribunal (IDT) over a wage/salary discrepancy involving a member of the bargaining unit may have resulted in the Co-op refusing to continue the discussions.

“They have refused to continue the meeting if we have joint (NWU/UCASE) meetings. We’ve had two previous joint meetings and arising from our IDT appearance, they have not taken an entirely different position and have refused to sit with us,” Mr. Roberts said.

He added that the workers are extremely upset at this turn of event and could take industrial action before the end of the week.



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