JTA requests rescheduled emergency conciliation meeting

Mona High Principal Kevin Jones
Industrial action by public sector teachers could continue on Wednesday as an emergency conciliation meeting between the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA) and the Finance Ministry failed to get underway on Tuesday afternoon.
The Ministry of Labour called the meeting for 2 o'clock as teachers stayed off the job for a second day.
A statement from the JTA said it was willing to meet with the Ministry but was unable to assemble its team at short notice.
The JTA is proposing to meet at the Labour Ministry at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning.
Meanwhile, student attendance has been affected by the teachers' industrial action.
At Jamaica College, only third formers attended school as they were scheduled to sit exams.
At Mona High School, some classes had to be grouped due to the low student/teacher turnout.
When RJR News visited the school, Principal Kevin Jones said even though there was a reduction in the number of teachers from 60 to 35, the student population also dwindled so classes were able to be combined. 
However, he said fifth and sixth form students were in attendance to sit their mock exams. 
Mr. Jones said he sympathises with the teachers and believes the government should pay them a livable salary.
Despite instructions from the Minister of Education that all public schools should open on Tuesday, several remained closed due to the industrial action by teachers.
In a statement on Monday, the Ministry of Education said it would deploy additional personnel to support schools.
However, fewer students were sent out by their parents on Tuesday.
In some cases, such as at Servite Primary School in St. Ann, there was 100 per cent turnout of teachers, but few students.
The nearby Brown's Town Primary school was closed.

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