Judge begins summation in "Chucky" Brown murder trial

Supreme Court judge Justice Viviene Harris on Friday began summing up the case at the murder trial of Police Constable Collis Chucky Brown.
Justice Harris started giving directions to the six-member jury about the evidence submitted in the case.
The jury is expected to hand down a verdict next week.
Constable Brown, who is accused of being a member of a Clarendon police death squad, is on trial for the murder of Demoy Gutty Dawkins, Dwayne Douglas and Andrew Fearon.
Prosecutors say the men were killed by Constable Brown and members of the death squad between 2009 and 2012.
They say the audio recordings given by Constable Brown to the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) about his role in the death squad is solid proof of his guilt.
But during final arguments on Thursday, defence attorney Norman Godfrey insisted that prosecutors have failed to prove a case against Constable Brown on the five counts on the indictment and the cop should therefore be freed.

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