Justice Minister seeks status report on delivery of judgements

Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, has taken further steps in an attempt to get outstanding judgments from the Supreme Court delivered.

He has requested a status report on the matter, from which additional information will be obtained and used to assist in fixing the problem.

Chuck who has been vocal on the issue of  outstanding judgments,has joined the Jamaican Bar Association in advocating for judgments to be delivered within six months after the end of  trial. 

The Minister shared the latest statistics available on outstanding judgments and his plan for resolving the issue.

“Up to last year, there were - to the best of my knowledge -  there were 60 odd judgements that were over six months. Half of them have been delivered but other judgements may have now gone over six months. I am asking for a report on that and hopefully in due time, we will get some report.”

He said the issue remains a major one in the judicial system and pressure is being applied by members of  the public.

“We do get a lot of letters from persons who have judgements outstanding for years. What is to happen? You can see that witin that judicial code of conduct, I think it is absolutely necessary.”


The Justice Minister also gave his opinion on whether sanctions should be applied where it is found that some judgments have been exceptionally and unreasonably delayed.

“There is no doubt that actions can be taken and you can have legislative provisions. Guyana, for example has passed legislation to say that after six months, if a judgement is not delivered, it is judicial misconduct. But I would like to feel that moral suasion can work,” the Justice Minister said. 



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