JUTC overstaffing caused by political appointments, says Chuck

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck
At least one government minister has offered an opinion on why there is a problem of overstaffing at the JUTC.
Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has asserted that the overstaffing is a result of political appointments.
JUTC Managing Director Paul Abrahams on Wednesday told Parliament's Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC) that when he left the JUTC in 2012, there were 1,780 workers. 
He said the company's staff complement had surged to 2,250 when he returned in May, last year. 
Mr. Abrahams said he did not employ the additional persons.
But speaking Thursday at a Rotary Club meeting in Kingston, Mr. Chuck asserted that the 300 additional workers were brought to the JUTC under the previous administration as political appointments. 
"They were brought in for political reasons to work at JUTC and (for) far too many government projects, politics play the major role in how it is developed, how it is executed," Mr. Chuck asserted. 
The JUTC is spending an additional $25 million per month, which translates to $300 million per year, to pay the 500 additional workers.
The justice minister has said a decision must be immediately taken by the Board of the JUTC to reduce its staff complement.  

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