JUTC probing incident in which former employee drove bus away from its depot

The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) is investigating an incident in which a former employee drove away a bus from one of  its depots.
The bus was later involved in a minor crash with a car in Grants Pen, St. Andrew.
No one was injured.
The JUTC has described the incident as a serious security and operational breach.
The state-run bus company on Thursday revealed that the incident took place on December 23. 
It is reported that the former worker, who was employed as a mechanic at the JUTC, went to the compound in another bus which reportedly developed mechanical problems along North Parade in downtown Kingston. 
The driver of the bus allowed the ex-employee to drive the vehicle to the depot. 
It is alleged that while at the depot, the ex-employee gained access to another unit and drove it out of the compound without the requisite security and operational clearance.
A news release from the JUTC says a preliminary assessment has so far revealed that the driver who allowed the ex-employee access to the facility was not aware that the individual was no longer working with the company. 
The matter has been reported to the police. 
The state-run bus company has also engaged retired Assistant Commissioner of Police Granville Gause to investigate the incident.
The JUTC has also met with its security provider regarding the breach and is conducting a review of internal operations pending the final report on the matter.

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