'Kangaroo court approach' - PNP hits out against suspension of one of its councillors

The People's National Party (PNP) has described as a kangaroo court approach, the suspension of Michael Troupe, Councillor for the Granville Division in St. James. 
Mr. Troupe was suspended on Thursday for three months for allegedly bringing the St. James Municipal Corporation into disrepute.
In a statement Friday afternoon, the PNP described the move was not in strict adherence to due process and natural justice.
The party said it is in consultation to formulate an approach to deal with the suspension. 
The PNP said Mr. Troupe was aware of the resolution which was tabled on January 11.
However, it said he was presented with the particulars of the allegations during the debate on Thursday.
It added that this breached several rules, as he was not afforded the opportunity to present a defense. 
The decision to suspend Councillor Troupe arose from the emergence of documents which showed that he signed off on payments to his former secretary for work done up to October 31, 2017, more than three months after he said she walked off the job.

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