Kari Douglas, Bustamante Hospital fracas reopens PNP wounds

An altercation between People's National Party councillor Kari Douglas and a doctor at the Bustamante Hospital for Children has reopened wounds within the PNP.
Miss Douglas became irate after being told that her child's case was not an emergency.
The incident led to a shutdown of the accident and emergency department at the hospital for two hours early Sunday morning.
On Tuesday morning, the PNP said Sunday's incident was of great concern and it would be investigating.
In a media release Tuesday afternoon, Miss Douglas said it was curious that the PNP has indicated it will be investigating the incident.
She argued that there are way more serious incidents involving members which are not being probed.
Miss Douglas suggested she was being victimised because of her support for Peter Bunting's Rise United team in the recent leadership contest which saw Dr. Peter Phillips retaining presidency of the PNP.
In the meantime, Miss Douglas said she unreservedly apologised for cornering the doctor in a room but insisted she did not initiate the physical altercation.
She said she will be observing how the situation unfolds and reserves the right to press charges, if necessary.
In defending herself, Miss Douglas said she initially exercised patience but was provoked by insensitivity and a lack of  compassion. 
She said there is need for urgent action to be taken to reduce waiting time and improve professionalism and service delivery in the health sector.
In an interview with RJR News earlier on Tuesday, PNP chairman Fitz Jackson said the party will not condone verbal abuse or attacks on hospital staff. 
He said the party is awaiting a report from the Ministry of Health on the incident to determine its next step. 

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