Kartel's gang responsible for more than 100 murders - Commissioner Ellington

Police Commissioner Owen Ellington

Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington, has labeled convicted entertainer Vybz Kartel as a gang leader, whose gang was responsible for more than a hundred murders.

He made that assertion in an interview with Dionne Jackson Miller, which was aired on RJR’s Beyond the Headlines and TVJ’s All Angles on Wednesday evening.

The Commissioner's statement came a week after the entertainer and three others were sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams. He said the police had been tracking Kartel's activities for sometime but, he claimed, the entertainer was protected because of his popularity. 


Investigating the police

The Commissioner also revealed that it was his office which started investigations into allegations of extra-judicial killings by some members of the police force in Clarendon.

Elaborating, he explained that his office initiated the probe after its own information revealed that there were activities by some members of the force that needed further investigation. He added that once the probe was at a certain stage, it was then handed over to INDECOM.    

“There was indeed a red flag… I ordered investigations, I ordered the transfer individuals and those investigations were well advanced before INDECOM made a public statement about it,” he asserted.

The Commissioner appeared to differ with INDECCOM in one particular respect; that of when might have been the right time to make a public statement on investigation.

“I would not have made a public statement at the time they spoke because I didn’t want to alert individuals of the possibility of an ongoing investigation. They have spoken,” he said.

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