King Alarm upset info given to gov't agencies on Braemar incident leaked

John Azar, Managing Director of King Alarm
The management of security company King Alarm has raised concern that critical information it shared with three entities which fall under the National Security Ministry in relation to the incident at an apartment complex on Braemar Avenue in St. Andrew was leaked on social media.
It has been revealed that the information was shared with the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) and the Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA).   
John Azar, Managing Director of King Alarm, said the information was made public after it was sent to the investigating agencies, however, he does not know which agency is responsible for the leak. 
The King Alarm boss said he is displeased that the information was divulged. 
King Alarm has fired the female security guard who was seen in the video kicking the licensed firearm holder during the Braemar Avenue incident.
The security company on Thursday disclosed that three officers including the female guard were summoned to disciplinary meetings for various offences. 
Mr. Azar said the female guard, along with a male guard who appeared to have slapped the licensed firearm holder in his face, were charged by the internal disciplinary team.
The senior supervisor, who was also at the scene, has been suspended. 
In the meantime, Mr. Azar responded to speculation of possible legal action by Andrew Woolery, the firearm holder involved in the Braemar Avenue incident.
Mr. Woolery is being represented by attorney Peter Champagnie.
When Mr. Azar was asked by journalists if he was contacted in relation to a lawsuit, he said no such dialogue had taken place. 

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