King's House clarifies $236 million budgetary allocation

King’s House has shed light on its budgetary allocation for the upcoming financial year.
Concerns were raised after it was revealed that of the $236 million to be spent on the administration and upkeep of the Governor General's official residence, $40 million is to be spent on the construction of an elevator and a motor vehicle.
In a release on Thursday morning, King’s House said there is an elevator that has been malfunctioning for the last seven years.
It said the elevator allows persons with disabilities to access various levels of the building.
It added that the vehicle used by the Governor General is to be auctioned after a survey by the Ministry of Finance deemed it unserviceable.
It said all other budgetary allocations for King’s House are used for utilities, salaries for staff and stipend for 14 Custodes as well as property management, stationery and office supplies.

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