Kings Valley gang reportedly behind quadruple killing in Little London

Superintendent Gary McKenzie, head of the Westmoreland police and Member of Parliament Dr. Wykeham McNeill
Investigators are probing reports that members of the Westmoreland-based Kings Valley gang were behind Thursday morning's quadruple killing in Little London, in the parish.
A top level probe is now in progress. 
Shavane Humes, 23, and his brothers 29 year-old Howard Humes and 33 year-old Paulton Humes, were killed when gunmen invaded their home in Masemure Meadows.
Keneisha Wilson, 25, was also killed in the attack.
A five year-old child who was in the house escaped injury.
A police source told RJR News that the gunmen were searching for a witness, who is a relative of the deceased.
Seven members of the Kings Valley gang were charged last month by the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC).
C-TOC has accused the gang of being involved in several murders, extortion and robberies in Westmoreland.
The gang is also linked to the lottery scam.
C-TOC revealed that it has identified 27 members of the criminal network and has launched a manhunt for the remaining members.
The seven members of the gang, who have been charged under the anti-gang legislation, are scheduled to appear before the Supreme Court on Friday for a bail hearing.
At a media briefing Thursday afternoon, Superintendent Gary McKenzie, head of the Westmoreland police, confirmed that gang members carried out Thursday morning's killings, with the use of high powered weapons.
He said members of criminal gangs have been regrouping in quiet communities in the parish as they seek to escape the police radar.
Dr. Wykeham McNeill, the member of Parliament for the area, who visited the community Thursday afternoon, described the mood of the residents as sombre and lamented the ongoing gang warfare that has been plaguing the region.  
While he noted that the security forces have been trying to get the situation under control, he said more needs to be done to stem to the violence. 

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