Kingston Freeport Terminal resolves impasse with truckers

Ricardo Valentine, General Manager of the Port Trailer Haulage Association
The impasse between haulage contractors at the Kingston Freeport Terminal and operators of the facility has been resolved for the moment.    
The truckers, who staged a three-day protest, have agreed to resume their service.
Ricardo Valentine, General Manager of the Port Trailer Haulage Association, told RJR News that the truckers made the decision following a meeting on Thursday morning.
"We have come to some understanding and the truckers are satisfied with what they have discussed and agreed to. As a result, at 1 o'clock today, services will return to the Kingston Terminal Limited," Mr. Valentine declared.  
He said the Kingston Freeport Terminal has given assurances that the truckers complaints about slow turnaround time and issues with equipment will be dealt with in a more decisive manner.
The strike by the truckers resulted in a major pile up of cargo. It is reported that more than 1,000 containers at the facility have not been moved since the start of the week.

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