Leadership challenge unlikely to make PNP worse off in next election - Nelson

Jaevion Nelson
It's being suggested that concerns that the current leadership challenge within the People's National Party (PNP) could impair its chances at the next general election are unfounded, as polls are already showing the party is likely to be defeated.
The assessment was made by political commentator Jaevion Nelson Monday evening on RJR's news and current affairs programme, Beyond the Headlines.
Manchester Central Member of Parliament Peter Bunting has announced he will be challenging Dr. Peter Phillips' presidency of the PNP.
Mr. Nelson is of the opinion that since the party is already projected to lose the next general election, due in 2021, the challenge should serve as the wake-up call the PNP needs to improve its chances in the polls. 
"I think it's a matter of what can the PNP do at this very moment to begin to reignite the party, and to find a way to improve their messaging, to improve the leadership position in the party and to ensure that people actually believe in the party and believe that the party has a vision that they can support," he reasoned. 
Mr. Nelson said, regardless of who emerges the winner, the contest will give the party "the vim, vigour and vitality that they need to ensure the electorate that they are actually relevant and relatable to them."  

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