Local Government Minister urged to address issues affecting fire brigade

Unions representing Jamaica Fire Brigade personnel have written to Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie requesting an urgent meeting to address issues regarding the management of the brigade. 

The University and Allied Workers Union (UAWU) and the Jamaica Association of Local Government Officers (JALGO) are representing the workers.

The meeting is being sought in light of concerns among staff of the JFB regarding the high handed approach of the current management.

In the letter to  McKenzie, the unions say their members are concerned that the policies and programmes agreed on are being varied and ignored.

They say there are reports of favouritism and nepotism in promotion of staff members.

Additionally the unions say members are concerned that programmes, including the construction of three new fire stations as well as the restructuring of the JFB, may not materialize, due to what it calls a lackadaisical approach in implementation.

The unions say staff morale is now at its lowest and have declared that this state of affairs should not be allowed to continue.

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