MAJ president urges Jamaicans to be guarded against influenza virus

President of  the Medical Association of  Jamaica, Dr. Clive Lai, is cautioning Jamaicans that despite the alert being issued for Dengue Fever, they should be equally guarded against the influenza virus.

He says the alert is warranted as this is the worst flu season recorded by the Centres for Disease Control (CDC).

Jamaica has been on alert for dengue fever following an increase in suspected cases this year.But Dr Lai states that influenza has also been affecting Jamaicans significantly.

However, the spread is not yet at the stage of  an outbreak.

“We must be really guarded and get educated on what to do.”

Lai, who was a guest on Beyond the Headlines,  also warned that this time of  the year has made Jamaicans more vulnerable, so extra caution is needed.

“The CDC in the UNited States has said that this is the worst flu season since 2009 when we had the Swine Flu. So we have to be very careful. We have a lot of visitors from North American coming to our shores, some of them might be carrying virus. Let us remember, influenza kills,” he said. 



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