Major arms bust in the US of shipment destined for Jamaica

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is reporting that there has been a major arms bust in the United States of a shipment destined for Jamaica.
According to a release by the JCF, last month, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at Miami International Airport (MIA) were conducting a routine inspection when they identified a shipment with two blue shipping barrels said to contain personal effects.
A physical inspection revealed various food items, cat litter, a cardboard box labelled as a four-drawer dresser, and one cardboard box labelled as a television stand.
Further inspection revealed that the personal effects actually contained two high powered rifles, 115 pistols, 139 magazines, and more than 200 rounds of assorted ammunition.
Nine handgun back straps, five magazine parts, three pistol grips, three buttstocks, and weapons parts were also recovered.
All items were placed on a Customs Hold and transported to the CBP-OET office for further processing. 
A senior investigator told RJR News that Jamaican police had been working closely with their US counterparts to identify and capture the individuals behind the gun shipment.
However, the covert operation reportedly went bust.
He said the guns and ammunition were destined for criminal gangs in Montego Bay.
The investigator said the cops are now trying to determine whether the latest find is linked to last month's gun find at the Kingston Terminal in which 19 weapons and more than 4,000 rounds were intercepted.
A Westmoreland pastor was held in connection with the find, but later released.

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