Major Corporate Area road work should not affect traffic flow when schools reopen

The National Works Agency (NWA) says the work to be completed along major roads in the Corporate Area should not have a great impact on traffic flow when schools reopen in two weeks.

People who live, work or attend schools in the Corporate Area have been dealing with major road construction projects for over a year, with many expressing frustration.

With schools set to begin, fears have resurfaced about possible bottlenecks, especially along busy Constant Spring Road, however, the NWA’s communication manager Stephen Shaw says this is unlikely.

“That which is left to be done should not see too great an impact on the traveling public at the start of the new school term. We have pretty much four lanes and in some cases six lanes available to the motoring public, which is unlike that which obtained last year at this time.”  

He also said that there are some areas which the NWA is trying to have completed before schools reopen.

“We hav a bit of work to finish up in the vicinity of Marketplace between Dunrobin Avenue and West Kings House road and Eastwood Park Road. We did some work on the weekend on the lanes that take vehicles towards Half Way Tree and this weekend, we intend to do similar type work on the northern side. That’s the section from the Miistry of Justice, heading towards Dunrobin Avenue.”

Meanwhile, stoplights are to be installed at a number of  intersections along the some of  the major roadways now being upgraded in the Corporate Area.

Shaw says this is to be done before schools reopen.

“So Mannings Hill Road, where it joins Constant Spring Road will be signalised. We are going to be signalising Hillman road as well. We are also going to be putting another bank of lights above Olivia Road in the Manor Park area to assist in regulating the flows there. The plan overall is to signalise by Old Stony Hill Road and Stillwell Road, but I’m not sure if we’ll be able to get to there before the start of the school term,” he said. 

Concerning the commute in the area of  Portia Simpson Miller Square and Hagley Park Road , Shaw said it should be smoother for motorists.


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