Man accused of killing family of six in St. Thomas fails to secure new attorney

Michael McLean, the man accused of the 2006 killing of a family of  six in St. Thomas, has failed in his attempt to get a new attorney.
Defence attorney Christopher Townsend informed the court on Friday afternoon that he will not represent McLean at the hearing.
McLean, who has fired nine attorneys, had requested that Mr. Townsend represent him.
The attorney told RJR News he was flattered by McLean's request, "however, there were some contractual obligations that was needed (sic) to be met and unfortunately he was unable to honour his obligations to me." 
Following Mr. Townsend's decision, trial judge, Justice Bertram Morrison, instructed McLean's current attorney, Carlton Collman, that he will have to remain in the case.
Mr. Collman has repeatedly applied to be released after a falling out with McLean.
McLean has been conducting his own defence after telling the judge that he fired Mr. Collman.
Justice Morrison told McLean that there will be no further delays of  the trial which resumes on Monday.

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