Man, accused of killing his mother, walks free after no case submission

A 40 year old mechanic, who was charged with killing his mother execution style in 2013, was freed of the  murder charge in the Home Circuit Court on Thursday.

The trial judge accepted the no-case submission of his attorney.

Carey Josephs was charged with the murder of his mother, Eltha Smith, otherwise called "Showa Mumma".

Prosecutors led evidence that on June 22, 2013 in Lacey, St Andrew, Ms Smith was at her bar when her son approached her with a gun and shot her. The injured woman ran from the bar, but it was alleged that her son chased her and shot her several more times.

At the trial the defence challenged the statement of the lone eyewitness.

Under cross examination, the witness admitted that she had given a written statement to the police stating that she did not see who committed the killing.

In answering questions by the defence, the witness admitted knowing Mr. Josephs, but reported his name to the police six months after the killing.

She said the delay was out of fear.

Joseph's attorney, Peter Champagnie, challenged the testimony and urged the judge to dismiss the case due to the discrepancies.

The judge agreed and directed the jury to return a verdict of  not guilty.

Mr. Josephs had denied killing his mother.


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