Man charged for killing girlfriend's lover remanded

A 37-year-old mason accused of tracking down and killing a man who reportedly had an affair with his girlfriend was remanded on Wednesday when he appeared before the St. Andrew Parish Court.
Wesley Williams, who was captured on December 13, after nearly two years on the run, pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder.
He is accused of the murder of Lotel Smith, a resident of Mount Salus in St. Andrew.
Investigators reported that in June 2014, Mr. Williams and his girlfriend had a dispute, during which he accused her of being unfaithful.
It is reported that he physically assaulted her.
Investigators say Mr. Mason took his girlfriend's cell phone and sent a text Mr. Smith to meet her at a location. When Mr. Smith arrived, Mr. Williams was waiting with a machete. He inflicted chop wounds to Mr. Smith, who later died.
Mr. Williams allegedly returned home with the machete and told his girlfriend that he had killed her lover. He fled the community after the police were called.
Mr. Williams is to return to court on February 10.

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