Man murdered in Clarendon

Uphell Purcell, Councillor for the York Town Division in Clarendon
A man is believed to have been robbed of his chainsaw and then killed on Riverside Road in Clarendon on Wednesday.
He has been identified as Ernel Benjamin of Bullard Content in York Town.
The incident occurred sometime after 11 a.m.
It is reported that Mr. Benjamin, who sold coal for a living, was cutting wood using his chainsaw when he was attacked.
He was shot in the head.
The chainsaw is missing.
Uphell Purcell, Councillor for the York Town Division, said he is frustrated with the murders which have been taking place in the parish.
He reiterated his call for action to be taken by the Government.
"You need to do something to Clarendon Mr. Holness. The families are at pain, the children can't even cry anymore. Too much is on us and we're saying to you Mr. Andrew Holness, resign! Resign if you can't manage the crime in this country. The truth is the truth. The church can't manage it anymore. Too many funerals of murdered community members," he declared. 

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