Man sentenced to minimum 35 years in jail for shooting death of Jamaican in Bermuda

A Supreme Court judge in Bermuda on Tuesday sentenced a 22 year old man to a minimum of 35 years in jail for the 2017 fatal shooting of a Jamaican.
Morlan Steede, who was 30, married and the father of a four year-old daughter, was murdered as he ran for his life from a gunman, who chased him through the back streets of Pembroke parish.
Kiari Tucker, 22, was convicted by a jury's unanimous verdict last month on charges that he murdered Steede and used a firearm to commit an indictable offence.
In sentencing Tucker, Puisne Judge Carlisle Greaves said the accused must serve at least 25 years before he is eligible for parole on the murder charge and was given an additional 10 years for the use of a firearm.
The Court heard that the Jamaican was chased by a gunman who shot him at least three times. 
Tucker was arrested for the attack the following day after police found him hidden under clothes in a closet in his godmother's apartment.

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