Manchester councillor takes leave of absence amid MOCA probe

The Manchester councillor who recently resigned as deputy Mayor of  Mandeville has now taken a leave of absence from the Manchester Municipal Corporation amid a probe into a financial breach at the entity.
A release from the People's National Party says Ervin Facey, who is councillor for the Spur Tree Division, communicated his decision in a letter to the chairman of the Corporation, Donovan Mitchell.
He explained he was taking leave for health reasons as well as to facilitate the investigation.
Mr. Facey said he will fully cooperate with the probe.
The breach at the Corporation reportedly surrounds a payment cheque that was disbursed for work before the voucher was approved by the requisite signatories.
The Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA), the Office of the Contractor General, and the Financial Investigations Division are conducting the probe.

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