Mandela Highway to Spanish Town traffic being switched to new westbound road

Stephen Shaw, NWA Communication Manager
The National Works Agency (NWA) is to switch traffic travelling along Mandela Highway towards Spanish Town to the newly constructed westbound carriageway Friday morning. 
Stephen Shaw, Manager of Communication at the NWA, explained that the change is to create work space for the installation of a right turning lane on to Tom Cringle Drive. 
He said the traffic switch is permanent. 
"Motorists will enter the new carriageway using two lanes just after crossing the temporary Bailey bridge at Six Miles. On reaching Tom Cringle Drive, they will have to use three lanes, and will return to two lanes when exiting the new roadway in the vicinity of the east-west highway, that's the toll road," he explained. 
The NWA Communication Manager said this has become necessary in order to facilitate changes to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians who will use the widened thoroughfare. 
Mr. Shaw said the NWA has designated drop off areas at two locations along the road for vehicles carrying passengers wanting to access the Ferry community. One will be at Tom Cringle and the other in the vicinity of the Fresh River bridge, where temporary stop signals will be installed. 

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