McNeill refuses to withdraw statement about employment of G2K members at TPDCo

Dr. Wykeham McNeill
Dr. Wykeham McNeill, Opposition Spokesman on Tourism, is refusing to retract statements he made regarding members of Generation 2000 (G2K) getting jobs at the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo).
G2K, which is the young professional arm of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party, on Thursday demanded a retraction from Dr. McNeill, saying his claims that its Legal Advisor, General Secretary and Vice President are employed to the state-run entity are not true.
G2K has admitted that its President, Stephen Edwards, is the Director of Projects at TPDCo.
But Dr. McNeill responded Thursday afternoon, saying he was not backing down from his statements. 
The opposition spokesman said he has serious concerns about political activists being employed at such an entity. 
"Tourism is not an area that we want to politicise and it is very difficult when you have persons that are not only officers of G2K, but persons who also aspire to be candidates and who are actively campaigning in seats...and at the same time be sitting at the table with the member of parliament for the opposition to work on programmes. It's not a tidy affair," said Mr. Mcneill.   

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