Mentally ill man shot dead in St. Ann

A mentally ill man was shot and killed on Wednesday morning in Moneague, St. Ann.
He was reportedly shot by his brother-in-law who is a licensed firearm holder.
The deceased is Earl Fullerton, otherwise called Buya, of Rio Hoe Collin Park.
Reports are that an altercation arose between Mr. Fullerton and his sister during which he attacked her at the back of their house with a cutlass.
It is alleged that his brother-in-law, who was inside the house, heard the commotion and ran outside to see Mr. Fullerton attacking the woman with an iron rod.
The brother-in-law reported that he attempted to stop Mr. Fullerton but when his calls went unnoticed, he shot him three times in his chest.
Mr. Fullerton was taken to St. Ann's Bay Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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