Mikael Phillips apologises

Mikael Phillips


In the wake of condemnation from the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ), Member of Parliament for Manchester North West Mikael Phillips has apologised for a statement he made on a political platform on the weekend.

During a constituency conference on Saturday, Mr Phillips is reported to have made a divisive comment about supporters of the Jamaica Labour Party, suggesting that no member should feel comfortable in the constituency.

Mr. Phillips issued a statement today apologising and expressing regret that his comment was interpreted as derogatory and offensive.

In a subsequent interview with RJR News, Mr Phillips said the incident was a learning experience.

At the same time he said his statement may have been misinterpreted because he spoke in patois.

The PSOJ, in a media release on Tuesday, also condemned Basil Waite for a derogatory comment he made on a political platform in St Elizabeth North East. Mr Waite has also issued an apology.

The PSOJ said the utterances were unfortunate and represented the most regressive and ignorant behaviour that Jamaica had hoped to discard in its political history.




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