Ministry turns over O'Brien's car deal dispute to Attorney General

Mikael Phillips, Opposition Spokesman on Transport
The Ministry of National Security has turned over its dispute with O'Brien's International Car Sales and Rental over the delivery of 100 motor vehicles for the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), to the Attorney General for legal action.
This is due to the failure of the car dealership to fulfill its contract to deliver the vehicles.
The ministry has so far received 34 vehicles.
O'Brien's had reported that another 66 vehicles were on the wharf for delivery.
However, a highly placed source said the company has failed to deliver the vehicles despite repeated promises made in December last year.
He said the Attorney General has been requested to take action to recover the bulk of the $230 million given to O'Brien's under the contract.
The ministry has recovered the $42 million performance bond.
Meanwhile, Shadow Spokesman on Transport Mikael Phillips, said the Parliamentary Opposition has been urging the government to ensure that State funds are protected in the O'Brien's car deal.
"There's a larger issue that still arise (sic) because we are still not certain if there are 66 vehicles on the wharf that should be cleared. Secondly, why is it then that the Ministry of National Security gave a variance to the contract of some 30 per cent on the 66 vehicles without asserting if the 66 vehicles do exist and without asserting if the vehicles will then come off the wharf," Mr. Phillips contended. 
He said there are still many unanswered questions about the controversial deal. 
"We would like some answers on the bond that is being held on the deposit. We have been told that the Ministry has gotten the performance bond and we just want to make sure that if the contract is cancelled, why is it now that they can't access the remaining of the deposit box?" he queried. 

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