Missing St. Thomas woman found dead

A St. Thomas woman who was reportedly kidnapped on her way to church last Sunday has been found dead.
The decomposed body of 21 year old Abina Bertram, otherwise called Tashell of Industry Hill, was discovered about 1 o'clock Friday afternoon in the community of Nuts River.
The body was partially nude and the hands bound.
A man believed to be the prime suspect in Miss Bertram's disappearance was taken into custody earlier this week.
It was reported that Miss Bertram left home 10 o'clock Sunday morning to attend church in Morant Bay but did not return home.
Calls to her phone went unanswered. 
On Monday, the man, who is police custody, reportedly called from Ms Bertram's phone and spoke with her mother demanding money for her release. 
He reportedly claimed that Miss Bertram damaged his television set and he wanted $50,000 placed into an account on Tuesday for her release.
A report was made to the police and a search launched with assistance from the Canine Division.

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