Mixed views on development of Peach Beach in St. Ann

Daryl Vaz
The government says it is not averse to a request from residents of Discovery Bay in St. Ann for Peach Beach to be developed.
At the same time, members of the Discovery Bay Community Development Committee, who protested on Saturday against plans by a developer to take over the beach, have appealed for it to remain free.
However, Daryl Vaz, Minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, said the development is the easy part of the process.
Mr. Vaz argued that what the government has been grappling with as debate rages about free access to beaches, is how to effectively manage public beaches without charging a fee. 
He noted that he and Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett will continue to discuss the issue. 
He confirmed that the Red Cross which manages Peach Beach is in discussions with Guardsman Group to manage the beach.
He said squatting has become a problem.
Peach Beach in on a stretch which includes Puerto Seco Beach, Member's Beach and Fisherman's Beach. 
Puerto Seco Beach is no longer free to the public. 
It is now being managed by the Guardsman Group.

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