Molynes Road hostage crisis ends with surrender of gunmen to police

A senior cop appealing to the hostage takers on Monday night


There were dramatic scenes at the corner of Seaward Drive and Molynes Road in St. Andrew Monday night during a lengthy standoff between the police and gunmen at a lottery outlet.

It's reported that, shortly after 8 o'clock, the gunmen were attempting to rob the establishment when an alarm was raised. The gunmen were trapped inside by a police team which had rushed to the scene.

For several hours the drama unfolded as the two gunmen held persons hostage inside the establishment.

A heavy detachment of police was deployed to the scene and they used a loud speaker to negotiate with them to surrender.

A large crowd gathered beyond police barriers and the cops waited for the gunmen to exit the building.

Shortly before midnight they emerged from the building and were immediately taken into custody.

It's unclear how many hostages were in the building.

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