Montague's actions in gun licence saga a dereliction of duty - Knight

Senator K.D. Knight
Senator K.D. Knight, former Minister of National Security, has described as a dereliction of duty Robert Montague's decision to have a panel help him hear firearm licence appeals.
Senator Knight said the discretion in relation to the granting and reinstating of gun licences is solely the national security minister's.
"You're passing off, and unto others, what is really yours; and if you are really confident in your own self, then you make the decision and you stand by it," Senator Knight argued, adding that the information used to make the decision is usually sensitive and should not be shared with a panel.
Furthermore, he said the law does not permit the minister to convene a panel to make the decision. 
Senator Knight noted that only in rare circumstances should a national security minister overturn the decision of the Firearm Licensing Authority's review board. 

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