More certainty needed in appointment of divisional heads of Integrity Commission - Munroe


Professor Trevor Munroe, Executive Director of National Integrity Action, a Jamaican transparency watchdog, is pushing for there to be more certainty in the appointment of the three divisional heads of the newly constituted Integrity Commission, who will have critical roles to play in its administration.

Earlier this year, the Commission named three public servants as interim directors of its three divisions.

On Monday, the Commission announced that Colonel Daniel Pryce had been appointed acting Executive Director.

The fact that he has been asked to act in the position rather than appointed to the substantive post has displeased the parliamentary opposition which wants the matter to be settled quickly.

Professor Munroe, speaking Tuesday on RJR’s Beyond the Headlines, said he was comfortable with the interim arrangement because it is for a defined 12 month period, and that he was satisfied with the choice of Colonel Pryce.

He wants all the acting appointments of the divisional heads to be made formal, however, arguing that this will give a greater sense of security to the public about the seriousness of the Commission.

“My concern is what about the divisional heads who have to carry out the functions of the Commission, with no indication as to when is that acting position to end,” he elaborated.

He noted as well that there is no specific budgetary provision yet for the work of the Commission, financial arrangements for which are being made in an ad hoc manner.

A dedicated budget for the Commission will only become available in the new financial year – 2019-2020.

“So these are issues that the Commission needs to speak to,” he said.

The new Integrity Commission began operating in February this year.

It's the amalgamation of the former Integrity Commission, the Commission for the Prevention of  Corruption, and the Office of  the Contractor General.






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