More evidence needed in controversy surrounding CMU President - Jamaica Umbrella Group of Churches

The Jamaica Umbrella Group of  Churches has weighed in on calls for President of  the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU), Fritz Pinnock, to resign in the wake of  the corruption scandal which led to the sacking of  education minister Ruel Reid. 

Chairman of  the Group, Reverend Adinhair Jones, says he would await more concrete information in relation to allegations against the CMU before calling for the president's resignation.

“I have not seen or heard the kind of evidence that would lead me to begin to form an expectation or to make a call for his resignation. What I would say, if the president is proven to be guilty of any kind of practices that could be considered or corrupt - then it would be expected that in keeping with what the Prime Minister asked of the Ministry of Education, then a similar request should be made of the president.”

In calling for Dr Pinnock's resignation yesterday, the young professional arm of  the People's National Party - the Patriots said the CMU President must be held accountable for failing to protect the institution from being linked to a corruption scheme. 

There are reports suggesting that the Ministry of  Education hired consultants through the Caribbean Maritime University, including former Jamaica Labour Party Member of  Parliament, Othneil Lawrence.


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