More problems at Kingston Freeport Terminal

More problems have surfaced due to the major pile up of  shipping containers at Kingston Freeport Terminal.

The ripple effects of  the delays in processing the containers have reached the private sector with companies complaining that they are unable to get their goods.

Following an emergency meeting last Saturday to discuss the matter, the Port Trailer Haulage Association warned that its members could take protest action due to the recurring problem of  shipping containers being delayed at Kingston Freeport Terminal. 

Private Sector Organisation of  Jamaica President (PSOJ), Howard Mitchell, last night confirmed in an interview with RJR News that the situation is posing a major challenge.

 “A number of our members have been complaining that they can’t get the containers off in reasonable period of time and that it is causing some inconvenience. I think we need to reach out to the Commissioner of Customs to get an understanding of this and to see how we can reach out collectively to solve the issue,” Mitchell said. 


According to the Port Trailer Haulage Association, the challenges in getting cargo cleared at Kingston Freeport Terminal are due to a shortage of  terminal equipment in the domestic area of  operations; delays in the transfer of  containers from Gordon Cay to the domestic delivery area; the recurring breakdown of  the scanning machine; congestion in the loading yard as well as frequent disruptions in the vetting process for trucks to enter. 

The Association said despite a recent meeting with Kingston Freeport Terminal, where the challenges were again outlined, the situation has not improved.



Meanwhile, the Port Authority of  Jamaica has called a meeting for today to try to ease the pile up at Kingston Freeport Terminal.


This was confirmed by President of  the Port Trailer Haulage Association, Ricardo Valentine

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