More public sector workers willing to accept wage offer

Trade unions representing more than 60 per cent of  public sector workers have now signalled that they accept the Government's wage offer.
According to the 2018/2019 Fiscal Policy Paper presented by Finance Minister, Audley Shaw, unions representing 66 per cent of  Central Government's workforce have indicated agreement to a four year contract.
The Policy Paper revealed that a second Supplementary Estimates of  Expenditure will be tabled by the end of  next month to facilitate payment of  the increased amounts for 2017/2018.
The Jamaica Confederation of  Trade Unions last weekend dismissed claims by some of  its members that it signed a wage agreement with the government on February 13, while ignoring their concerns.
The University and Allied Workers Union; the Union of  Schools, Agricultural and Allied Workers; the Union of  Technical, Administrative and Supervisory Personnel and the United Union of  Jamaica have all opposed the four year deal.
They claim it will not benefit the workers they represent.


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