More questions raised about appointments at NESOL

Anthony Brown, Chief Engineer at NESol, and Angella Prendergast, NESOL's Director of Finance, responding to questions from PAAC Chairman Dr. Wykeham NcNeill, Franklin Witter and Fitz Jackson.
Another series of questionable activities and appointments have been uncovered at the National Energy Solutions Limited (NESOL). 
This, as Parliament's Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC) continued its probe of the operations of the company on Wednesday afternoon, after last week's sitting left several unanswered questions.
Anthony Brown, Chief Engineer at NESOL, revealed how he was circumvented and lost his signing privilege at the entity after it was transferred to Lawrence Pommels, Acting Chief Engineer at NESOL, who is now before the courts on money laundering charges.
Last week, members of the PAAC were left puzzled after it was revealed that Mr. Pommels retained signing privileges long after the period for which he acted in a supervisory post.
Questioned on Wednesday by PAAC members Phillip Paulwell and Fitz Jackson about whether the signing privileges were returned to him when he returned to work in November 2017, Mr. Brown told the PAAC 'no'. 
Mr. Brown also stated that he was being circumvented in relation to decisions he should have been making as chief engineer.
He said it was uncomfortable, but he lived with the situation.
He also suggested neither Mr. Pommels nor current Managing Director Carolyn Warren are qualified to hold the positions they do. 
While Mr. Brown confirmed that he is a trained engineer, he noted that neither Mr. Pommels nor Ms Warren have a degree.
Mr. Brown added that while Mr. Pommels was initially employed as Operations Engineer, that job did not previously exist at the entity. 
The Parliamentary Opposition has called for Ms. Warren to be sacked based on her conviction 25 years ago on a drug charge.
Meanwhile, the PAAC also sought answers from NESOL's Director of Finance, Angella Prendergast, regarding her appointment.
Ms Prendergast said she joined the company as Financial Specialist but was promoted two months later to Director of Finance.
Asked whether she had applied for her original post as Financial Specialist through advertisement, she said 'no', she heard of the position "through the grapevine." 

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