More than 100 people still possess guns without proper FLA clearance

Shane Dalling, Chief Executive Officer of the FLA, responding to questions at Tuesday's Internal and External Committee of Parliament
Shane Dalling, Chief Executive Officer of the FLA, has revealed that more than 100 firearms, for which licences were issued in breach of the agency's protocols, remain in the hands of individuals.
Responding to questions at Tuesday's Internal and External Committee of Parliament, Mr. Dalling said the number could further increase as the agency conducts an internal assessment. 
"We are doing a review of our systems to see what went wrong, how, and to improve upon it; and the more we go through, Mr. Chairman, in terms of updating of the files, we are seeing more and more," he said in response to committee member Lisa Hanna and chairman, Fitz Jackson.
Mr. Dalling said some of the breaches identified at the FLA in the granting of gun licences include persons collecting money from applicants to prepare investigative reports and interference from persons from one department to influence an investigation. 
In addition, he said there was interaction with staff members at the board level to influence certain applications as well as a general breakdown of procedural guidelines in ensuring that security clearance is received from the different intelligence agencies before a licence is granted. 
Mr. Dalling revealed that cases have also been referred to the Major Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Agency (MOCA) involving FLA employees who accessed the agency's vault and retrieved guns for persons who are before the Gun Court for breaches. 
Asked why the individuals involved have not been charged, Mr. Dalling said that was not within his remit as the matters have been handed over to MOCA. 

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