More than 3,000 Jamaican road fatalities in 10 years

Data obtained from the National Road Safety Council has revealed that more than 3,000 Jamaicans have died in road crashes across the island over the last ten years.

The data showed that the country has so far recorded 402 fatalities this year; the highest in a decade.

The breakdown of the figures show that 367 fatal crashes have been recorded so far this year, compared to 319 last year and 275 in 2017.

The figures show that 97 pedestrians, 122 motorcyclists, 19 pedal cyclists, 62 private motor vehicle drivers and six public passenger vehicle drivers have died in road mishaps this year.

Fifty private motor vehicle passengers, 18 public passenger vehicle passengers, five commercial motor carrier drivers, six commercial motor carrier passengers, and 17 pillion passengers have died so far this year.

This year's deaths include 31 children, up from 26 last year and 19 in 2017.

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