Motorcyclists accounted for 64 road deaths in St. Elizabeth in 2018

It has been revealed that the sixteen motorcyclists who died in crashes in St Elizabeth in 2018 were only in receipt of a provisional licence and none of them wore helmets.
Two pillions riders also died.
Head of the St Elizabeth Police Traffic Department Sergeant Everton Williams, who gave the breakdown of the road statistics during the monthly meeting of the St Elizabeth Municipal Corporation this week, said motorcyclists and pillions accounted for 64 per cent of road deaths in the parish last year, while 28 died in road crashes in the parish last year.
Sergeant Williams says this is seven more than 2017 and six fewer than 2016.
Six driver of motor cars, one passenger and three pedestrians accounted for the other fatalities.
Sergeant Williams reiterated the appeal for more stringent measures to be placed on the sale of motorcycles to ensure compliance with the law.
He pointed out that many dealers pay no attention to the licensing and insuring of these motorcycles before they are handed over.

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