Motorists to know next week if increase in toll rates on Highway 2000 will be reversed

Mike Henry
Motorists will hear early next week whether there will be a reversal of April's increase in toll rates on the North-South leg of Highway 2000.
The operators of the highway adjusted the rates to address the issues of inconvenience and possible conflicts in the wake of a coin shortage.
Given an apparent ease in the shortage, Transport Minister Mike Henry is trying to determine whether a roll back is warranted.
"I have asked for my technical officers to advise me what is the position. I myself have not heard that the Bank of Jamaica said the coin shortage was resolved, but I'm told that, yes, they have, and I've asked for the investigation to come back to me as quickly as possible," Mr. Henry told RJR News
Fitz Jackson, Member of Parliament for St. Catherine Southern, on Wednesday said with the Bank of Jamaica confirming an ease in the coin shortage, motorists should be told whether the previous toll rates will be reintroduced.     

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