NEPA urged to determine source of smoke affecting Corporate Area

Suzanne Stanley
A call is being made for the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) to determine the source of the smoke affecting several communities in the Corporate Area.
Residents of Cooreville Gardens in St. Andrew are being affected by smoke coming from the Riverton City community.
When RJR News visited the area on Thursday, some residents said they continue to suffer from respiratory illnesses, almost two weeks after fires were lit at the Riverton City disposal site.
Suzanne Stanley, Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET), said the agency has also been receiving these complaints from residents.
Ms Stanley charged that NEPA as well as the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) should provide a report on the location of the smoke and the contaminants. 
She said JET has contacted NEPA for it to determine the cause of the air quality issue, however, it is yet to respond. 
According to Ms Stanley, JET would support a move by affected residents to take legal action against the State due to the negative effects of the smoke. 
The NSWMA has denied that the smoke is from the dump.

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