New anti-lottery laws to give police and DPP more power

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the police are in a better position to deal with the lottery scam after the Fraudulent Transactions Special Provisions Bill dubbed the Lottery Scam legislation was passed in Parliament on Tuesday.

Paula Llewellyn, DPP at a seminar on Mutual Legal Assistance and Finance crimes, called for her colleagues to be trailblazers in the prosecuting of accused persons.

“I am sure there will be teething pains here and there as usually is when you have new legislation but what is most important is that we all have the will and that even more importantly that we are informed of the particular provisions of  this ….” She said.

Justice Minister, Senator Mark Golding  who also attended the seminar, lauded what he called the swiftness of the passage of the legislation and said it will next go to the Governor General, Sir. Patrick Allen.


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