New Petrojam Board members urged to deal with issues

PSOJ President Howard Mitchell
Strong words have come from private business interests for the new Jamaican directors on the board of  the state-run oil refinery Petrojam to take charge and deal with the issues facing the entity which is now at the centre of  controversy.
Howard Mitchell, President of  the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ), is urging the board to quickly take action to reassure the public that activities at Petrojam are above board.
This charge follows the most recent developments in which Petrojam's senior management and the Permanent Secretary in the energy ministry have been summoned to attend next week's meeting of  the Cabinet to respond to allegations of  mismanagement.
There has been public outrage about millions of dollars paid by Petrojam to two firms under questionable circumstances, cost overuns for a construction project, millions in donations and the high staff  turnover.
Mr Mitchell has laid out specific steps for the board to complete in order to prevent similar allegations from being made in the future.
He is also interested in hearing about sanctions being imposed where necessary.

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