NIA calls for statutory declarations of Holness, Phillips to be gazetted

Professor Trevor Munroe
Anti-corruption watchdog National Integrity Action (NIA) is insisting that the statutory declarations of Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips be gazetted urgently.
The law requires that statutory declarations of the leaders of both political parties must be summarised and published.
Professor Trevor Munroe, Executive Director of NIA, says that aspect of the law must not be ignored. 
"And the purpose of that is clear. It is to assure and to reassure our people that the head of the stream is clean; that those who make the law at the top are in compliance with the law so that we can follow their example," he insisted. 
Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips recently said he would ask the Integrity Commission to release a summary of his declarations.
According to Professor Munroe, the public should know if the leaders of both political parties are in compliance with the Integrity Commission Act. 
"Since the declarations cannot be published unless they are cleared, unless they are properly certified, then let us be assured when they are published that that certification has taken place. If both are published, wonderful. Our two leaders are in compliance.... If only one is in compliance, publish that one and let us know when the other will be published," he demanded.  
Professor Munroe added that the public should also be told who are the two Members of Parliament under investigation by the Financial Investigations Unit of the Integrity Commission. He noted that the lack of information on the matter is a "step backwards which must be corrected." 
He was speaking Wednesday at the Manchester Chapter of the Lay Magistrates Association.

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